Google Maps will now display the fastest chargers for your EV!

Google Maps has been one of the integral parts of our daily life. It helps us to navigate and provides various information about places. Recently, it has introduced features like displaying the AQI indexToll Road pricesbattery life of contact sharing location, music integration, Traffic Signals, AR Navigation, and much more. As far as ICE car owners are concerned, Google used to help them to find the nearest fuel stations. Google also used to display charging stations for EVs. However, not all charging stations can charge your faster. Google has now developed a feature to sort the charging stations based on their speeds. That is, it will display the most rapid chargers for your EV. Google also added a new Search with Live View for pedestrians in limited places. It also expands its wheelchair-accessible layer internationally. 

google maps will now display the fastest chargers for your ev!

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Now, EV charging filtering options appear when you search for “EV charging stations.” Earlier, one had to tap on the “more filters” section to find the fastest one. It can be done with a single touch on the new “fast charge” filter below the search bar. It will display the fastest options, such as faster than 50kW. The new filter system also allows filter charging stations compatible with your charging plug only. The new features are available to both iOS and Android users. Google has also rolled out the feature in all countries with EV charging stations. 

Google Search with Live!

The Search with Live View was first announced in September and is launching now. It can be found inside the Live View option and will allow you to navigate more easily by overlaying your route in an AR live view. That is the AR live view of the area around you using your smartphone’s camera. The new Search with Live View option will offer a shortcut to this mode in the search bar. It will also allow you to search for nearby key places within Live View. The nearby key locations such as ATMs, cafés, restaurants, and more, and then navigate to these on foot. Even though it will be available for iOS and Android users, the rollout will be limited to a few countries. They are London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

Wheelchair Accessible Places

Google has been collecting data on wheelchair-accessible places over the years. It is finally rolling out wheelchair-accessible locations layer worldwide today. The option can be turned on in Google Maps settings. After this, all places will be displayed as wheelchair accessible or inaccessible.

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It also continues encouraging users to mark places as wheelchair friendly as they come across them. The reason behind this is that it is where from which the data the company uses to display this information. Do share the article with your friends who rely upon Google Maps for navigation.

Basith Rahman PP
Basith Rahman PP
Basith is a CA student who is also a tech evangelist and an auto lover who works with and talks about latest news in tech and auto industry. Apart from this, Basith is a traveller, foodie and a movie buff.


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