Pixel users facing multiple lock screen issues on Android 12

As per Google, Android 12 is the major overhaul to the operating system in the last few years. Indeed, the statement is true noticing the all-new user interface, brand new features, and numerous under the hood changes. However, with all these exciting improvements, the package seems to carry some bugs. Many users are complaining about the default squarish lock screen clock design.

android 12

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Here is what some users have to say:

Can’t seem to get the lock screen to display the full detailed notifications. Instead I just get the little app icons, which I have to tap to then get the detailed view. I want the detailed view as soon as I turn the screen on. Can somebody point me to the correct setting? Not using AOD / ambient display or whatever it’s called these days.
On my lock screen, I get one notification that shows the content of my message, and then below that is just a summary of all my other notifications. Is it possible to get all the notifications to display? I can’t find a setting for it.

Normally if you swipe down once it’ll show your notifications with 4 quick access toggles, and if you swipe down twice it’ll show all of your quick access toggles. Ever since updating to Android 12, if I swipe down immediately after unlocking my phone, it’ll pull down the entire notification area and show all 8 of my quick access toggles. I then have to swipe up to show the notifications. This ONLY happens if I swipe down immediately after unlocking my phone (either via fingerprint or PIN unlock). Has anyone else had this issue? It’s a very minor inconvenience, but something that’s just been bothering me.

As of now, we have no words from Google or when and how the company will address these bugs. Hopefully, it will soon notice all these complaints and take an action soon.

Shivani Sharma
Shivani Sharma
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